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Food Ordering In The Pandemic

Not so long ago, the only reason people ordered food was to take a break from boring old 'ghar ka khana' (homemade food). However, the pandemic brought with it a rekindling of love for the same items most of us wanted to get away from. That said, the past year has also seen an evolution of sorts of the kind of cuisines home chefs have embraced and have to offer. No longer is it just the biriyani or butter chicken, the sheer variety available often puts the best restaurants to shame. From homemade shepherd's pie to pork belly with tingmo to creatively decorated blueberry-vanilla in American buttercream cake, the offerings are beautifully varied.

Keep The Following Investments In Mind While Expanding Your Home Chef Business

Overheads on rent (equipment and storage), utilities (electricity and water), and taxes.
Cleaning service (you can link up with a local vendor to get it done at a discounted price) every month to make your kitchen spick-and-span.
Packaging and branding material in wholesale (bags, stickers, receipts, etc).
Marketing and promotional budget (website, social media presence, ads, etc).
A photographer on an assignment basis.
A website designer on an assignment basis.
An accountant.

How To Grow Your Home Chef Business

Like every business, running a home chef also requires one to scale up; whether horizontally or vertically. And, hence it is important to ask how to grow your home chef business, after a point.
Horizontal scaling up would be expanding one’s customer base to reach a larger audience, create a loyal clientele, and build the hype around your business. On the other hand, vertical scaling up would be expanding one’s menu to sell more products and make more profits. To do this, one has to first find clients and then explore the scope of your home chef business

Kindness Is Next To Godliness

It is a global pandemic and people are doing every bit they can, to give back to the community; With food drives, volunteering, bringing and buying essentials, and more. One such act of kindness is being done by one of our Partner Kitchen, Bhutu’s Kitchen.
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Benefits of Home Cooked Food

Home cooked meals are prepared using fresh and natural ingredients available locally, which not only retains all the nutrients in the food but also provides natural flavour and taste without any requirement of addition of taste enhancing, artifical flavouring and coloring agents detrimental to health in the long run.
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