Kindness Is Next To Godliness

It is a global pandemic and people are doing every bit they can, to give back to the community; With food drives, volunteering, bringing and buying essentials, and more. One such act of kindness is being done by one of our Partner Kitchen, Bhutu’s Kitchen.
They feel that this is a Once in a lifetime opportunity to serve people and give back to society and the best way to do it is by feeding hungry stomachs.

Project Let us ensure Nobody sleeps Hungry 🌿 Specially cooked vegetarian meals for them ( not left over food )
🌿 Plenty of homeless , beggers , handicaps or street sleeping people .
🌿 it is solely our own initiative and we are not taking any support financial or logistical from any group / individual .
🌿 Target : to reach out atleast 70/ 100 individual per day till better days comes in our way .
🌿 Team Bhutus with its limited manpower is working within the vicinity of Bandra .
🌿As business professional we always focus on Customers but these End Consumers may not pay us anything but there smile is JUST Priceless

More power to them and kudos to them for this great initiative. Go help someone if you can, but do take all the necessary precautions and practice social distancing