About Us

Started in 2021, Fudtazy caters to everyone's basic need, FOOD! It is the ultimate platform for cooking enthusiasts to sell their dishes online and reach a wider audience. In other words, We connect foodies to homemakers and Cloud kitchens who make delicious and authentic food that is not available in restaurants!

Who Are We?

We’re a market place for home chefs and cloud kitchens! We enable passionate chefs to become entrepreneurs without making large capital investments!
Are you a foodie who loves cooking food?
Or a hi-flying professional tired of hopping countries and want to ‘settle down’ but scared of losing the fat monthly salary?
Or a homemaker who wants to venture out and begin earning?

If your answer to any of the above questions is in affirmative,
Fudtazy is for you!

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About The Founder

Mumbai-based educationist and a research scholar, Ms Pinky Shah, intends to make a mark in the food industry with the most talented home chefs and the ever evolving cloud kitchens with the e-commerce platform, Fudtazy. She feels that times have changed and the gastronomical revolution should begin from homes.

"We don’t need plush interiors of restaurants to enjoy a meal, all we need is the comfort of our homes to unwind a tiring day with a delicious meal prepared in the most hygienic conditions."

In today’s times, the female of the house is no longer a weaker gender and has a substantial contribution to the family income. Fudtazy intends to make life simple for the urban couple!

At Fudtazy, we offer ‘pre-booked meals’ so that food can be prepared fresh as per the requirements of the customer. We also offer ‘ready to order’ meals from our cloud kitchens to satiate the taste buds of our customers. So why worry about your family if your cook is on a leave or you have to attend a conference out of town or may be you just don’t feel like cooking? Just order your choicest meals on Fudtazy and work without any guilt! Already around 150 home chefs and about 100 cloud kitchens, are selling healthy food via this app.

Apart from giving self-employment opportunity, the app offers healthy, freshly cooked food to people hard-pressed for time and who do not want to visit or order food from restaurants. Fudtazy has a chef app and a customer app on Google Play Store, and on Apple store. The app gives our Partner kitchens, the freedom to decide their menu, the pricing, limit of orders and delivery/takeaway time slots, and allows consumers to pre-book orders.

It started with a personal conviction to make a difference towards nation-building and creating a large-scale self-employment opportunity. As I put together a canvas of opportunity, and I asked myself ‘who?’ [needed help]. I realised women often end up as homemakers, not by choice but by circumstances. This led to ‘how?’ and it was evident that preparing food is a skill most women are blessed with. This led us to figure out the ‘what?’

Our research across metros with over 2,000 respondents, both homemakers and consumers, showed that over 10 per cent homemakers were keen to start a home kitchen if given a platform that addressed their challenges and helped them do business. Over 90 per cent respondents said they prefer home food over outside eating, while 97 per cent believed that home food is most healthy and hygienic. All this lead to the creation of Fudtazy.

No. There are many chefs who are passionate about cooking and want to explore a more orderly pattern of cooking and managing food orders. Hence Fudtazy supports the home chefs as well as the cloud kitchens.

Anyone who wishes to be an entrepreneur from home and cloud kitchens can register with us. He/She should be registered with the FSSAI, be passionate about cooking and be able to make healthy and tasty food. Also, the kitchen should be clean.

We are promoting the culture of healthy food and any man or woman, who can sprinkle magic in the food they cook, are welcome to join us.

Selected Partner kitchens are supported in all areas to manage their business professionally. We help them with FSSAI registration, food photography, packaging, delivery, and online payments and marketing. We give all the freedom to the Partner kitchens to decide their menu, pricing, timings, area of coverage, takeaway/delivery, and promotions.

A love for food and being a dab hand in the kitchen is not just hobby material. You can actually make a career shift to becoming a chef, or have a home chef career! No longer do you have to daydream about opening your own restaurant. No longer do you have to wait for friends to come over for you to try out that recipe you’ve been saving. So enter that kitchen, and go from home cook to becoming a home chef.

How It Works

  • Browse

    All you need to do to get started is browse by cuisine, chef or a dish, which will give you a list of chefs and dishes to choose from.

  • View

    Feel free to click on the dish or chef's image or name to see the menu, and other detailed information.

  • Select

    Select the dishes that you like and specify the quantity required and your delivery date.

  • Order

    Once you enter your details and check out, you will receive an email or SMS with all the details of your order including the contact details of the chef.